Inventions such as the MultiSync® principle developed in 1989 by NEC or Mitsubishi's DIAMONDTRON™ NF picture tubes have been demonstrating the innovative force of both companies for many years. The joint venture unites the strengths of both companies, and will therefore continue to further expand our position as a technological forerunner in the future.

One current example of this is OmniColor™, comprising sRGB support and 6-axis colour control. These enable colour matching according to the new sRGB standard and guarantee the individual adjustment of the print colours yellow, magenta and cyan. This is particularly useful in the case of Internet applications, in order to adjust these to a uniform colour level.

NEC's SuperFine TFT technology provides significant proof of the consistent implementation of NEC-Mitsubishi's "Quality is visible" claim. This IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology generates an even more brilliant image with high contrast values. It also enables the widest viewing angle on the market of 170 degrees.

NEC-Mitsubishi's SuperBright™ technology enables a further gain in brightness, contrast and definition. With extraordinarily high brightness values (300 cd/m²), the SuperBright™ monitor is twice as bright, and is therefore eminently suitable for use both at home and in scientific applications.

NEC has presented a further innovative highlight in the form of ambix™ technology. This interface standard for displays replaces the analogue/digital converter and represents the leap into the fully-digitised computer world. The combination of an analogue and a digital connection also guarantees full compatibility during the transitional period.

After all, "Quality" is also a matter of technological leadership. And this is exactly what NEC-Mitsubishi has!